OTKA PD104315 | The genetic and functional study of viruses of fish species included into the intensive fish breading

Isolation and characterization of new viral pathogens from yet unknown fish diseases.

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OTKA PD104315

The genome size of the fish adenovirus and the alloherpesviruses is large, and contains a large number of ORFs with unknown function. I would like to study the process and time course of the transcription and expression of these putative genes during the replication cycle of the viruses. Some genes would be examined in in vitro expression systems, too. The apoptosis inhibition or induction effect of the viral proteins will be examined on different cell lines. Investigation of the assumed enzymatic function of certain viral proteins is also planned. We hope to better understand the replication mechanisms of these poorly studied viruses. I also intend to attempt the isolation and primary genetic characterization of several other viruses, originating from intensively reared fish species, or sent by foreign collaborators. The further genetic analysis of the novel, interesting viruses would be carried out, including the sequencing of their genome partially or completely, if possible. The sequences will be analyzed by bioinformatics methods and phylogenetic calculations will be carried out to determine the taxonomical position of these viruses. Finally, the possibility of the elaboration of specific preventive methods will also be checked.